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  • 5 point REVO Dixon Duo-Slope Skinmaster Needle 5PK

    5 point REVO Dixon Duo-Slope Skinmaster Needle 5PK

    5 Duo-Slope® Revo .40 mm Needle 1102 5 pk/ Reg Taper by Dr. Linda H Dixon. 2-in-1 Needle lets you do precision work while putting in a lot of color. No eyelashes? No worries. Do lash enhancement and fine liner with Duo-Slope® 4-wide edge. Also good for scaredy-cats who don't want their eyeliner to attract attention. The DuoSlope® can control the eyeliner width with ease by just rotating your hand. This patented needle has two edges plus a top needle for tight areas. Use wide edge of 4 needles for upper eyeliner; use narrow edge for lower eyeliner. Rotate Handpiece for desired stroke thickness. 

  • 7 round REVO Needle Cartridge #1060 15/pk

    7 round REVO Needle Cartridge #1060 15/pk

    You're going to rely on the #7 round REVO needle for some thicker upper eyeliner. Probably too many needles for the lower eyeliner. But you can put a second, softer color above your black eyeliner with this REVO 7 point needle with ease. For lips? Yes, its great for putting in color but doesn't make a crisp line. You may want to use Dr. Dixon's DITTO Needle, 2 rows each of 5 Needles Slope™ design that packs in the color but fast!

  • 5 Slope® REVO 15/pk

    5 Slope® REVO 15/pk

     5 Slope® for the Skinmaster has fine, 0.30 mm needles for fine eyeliner or brow hairstrokes; use 5-wide, 5-in-a-row or top needle as a single needle. First Slope® was designed and used in 2001 by Dr. Linda Dixon. Now the Slope® needles are a favorite of permanent makeup professionals because the color all goes into the same depth at the same time! Color is locked into the skin at a 32º angle. Use this needle as an angled makeup brush with the same motion so as to brush in the color. Check needle depth before you begin